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Go live Time : 14 July 2013, 04:37 PM

Best Crypto Currency Experts

This topic is a peer ranking topic that is used for the "Crypto Currency Experts" Canonizing algorithm.

The expertise focus is on the future, particularly in predicting future value. To vote on the best currency experts, it is good to examine which camps predicting future they were in, and how often they were right. Were they the first to jump to a camp predicting a bubble was about to pop, and so on.

The Future Value Predictions survey topic is predicting if or when Bitcoins will achieve the next order of magnitude milestone. If/When the next milestone, like $1000/BTC is reached, the system will reset. The people that made the most correct prediction for when this would happen, the earliest, will be moved up in this Peer Ranking Topic, giving their vote more weight when predicting the next order of magnitude increase, or if/when the $10,000/BTC will be achieved, and so on for each successive order of magnitude milestone.

This open survey topic is part of the expert Crypto Currency Survey Project.

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