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Go live Time : 21 July 2014, 04:55 PM

Bit Shares X (Invictus Innovations)

We believe "Bit Shares X" now being released by Invictus Innovations, will be the first currency to be vastly superior to Bitcoin, and all existing clones. It will be the leading "Bitcoin 2.0" everyone is talking about which will surpass Bitcoin in market capitalization, and that it will replace Bitcoin as the means of moving between all other crypto assets. In other words, we believe Bit Shares X will become the new global crypto reserve currency. The game changing superior attributes of Bit Shares X that will enable this are described below.

Inflation Rate

For us, one of the most important attributes of a coin is it's inflation rate, or the rate at which new coins comes into the market. For example, there are about 12%/year new Bitcoins mined till 2017. This is effectively a 12% per year tax on the holders of Bitcoin over a currency with no new coins coming into the market.

Bit Shares X will have zero new coins come into the market, once released.

Mining is Bad

Mining is another significant disadvantage of a currency. In addition to all the money and time wasted on Bitcoin mining, all the mining rigs, and the energy they consume, results in a carbon footprint from hell. Mining has advantages of scale. The more you invest in mining, the cheaper it becomes. This will tend to lead to the largest miners or largest mining pools having significant advantages over all other miners, leading to a centrally controlled currency.

The only weakness of these Bit Shares X, is the code hasn't yet been battle tested. But code can be fixed. And even if they need to, a small amount of mining could be implemented.


Scalability of Bitcoin is another significant impediment. Everyone is worried what will happen once the transaction volume starts to approach what Visa processes every second. Invictus Innovations DACs can split, or have multiple block chains for one asset, enabling it to scale to any level.

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