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The MTA movement is excitedly moving forward very rapidly. One of the downsides of such growth is that there are now far more people involved and interested than any one of us can adequately personally get to know. In order that no one fall through the cracks we decided to give a little more formalization to a networking process to be sure everyone that may desire it has at least one 'Member Assistant'. The purpose of such an assistant would be to personally get to know and stay in touch with each individual they are responsible for, and help them in any way the individual may desire.
The following list of people are those willing to be such an assistant. Anyone that is interested in having any of these people as their assistant are free to ask them to be such. Of course the load should be balanced so no single individual is overloaded beyond their capacity. Once the individual and the assistant are agreed, the individual's name can be added below the assistants name giving a little more formalization to the network relationship enabling us to be sure everyone is covered.

  • Brent Allsop
  • Christopher Bradford
  • Lincoln Cannon
    • Brent Allsop
  • Andrew West
  • Joey West

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