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Go live Time : 24 February 2007, 08:21 PM

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In this configuration everything will be centered on the single Linux box Xion. There will be 3 NIC cards, 1 for each wan connection and a 3rd gigabit one for the local network. Software will be used for such required tasks as DNS forwarding to the internal network. Nat routing of inbound traffic to the internal network and rerouting of outbound traffic through the appropriate WAN link. The HTTP demon will listen for traffic on all NICs and use a script to reconfigure properly when the WAN IP addresses change.

This would be simpler than using Hal for the second WAN since windows NAT and routing services would not be required to be set up. Xion would be a single point of failure bringing the entire system, including the rest of the home network down if it failed. However, this isn't too bad since Xion is really the only critical part. And once a second Xion mirror box is set up it would be very easy to move this second WAN over to it ' again providing the desired complete redundancy.

Remaining questions and unknowns that must be resolved:
  • What DSL modem should be used
    • (It must have the ability to disable or bypass any routing/DNS functions.)
  • What software can be used to handle:
    • NAT to internal Gigabit network for Linux only.
    • DNS forwarding and failover for Linux only.
  • How will appropriate routing of outbound traffic be handled/configured?
  • How will failover detection and reconfiguration for all possible failure modes.
  • Will it be possible to leverage or load balance all or at least some available bandwidth for personal downloading without effecting Canonizer services? If so, how?
  • Will multiple bit torrent clients on the internal LAN be able to utilize the bandwidth of both WANs?

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