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During 2006, Canonizer LLC's initial development setup was with a single basic home Comcast internet service and a basic NAT router. The free DNS service with was used to detect and update the domain names when Comcast changed the IP address.
Twice during that year the service was down for almost a week and over a weekend which is unacceptable for an internet service like Hence the work to achieve some reliability via multi home redundancy with an added Quest DSL service.
  • Low Cost
  • Simple and easy (Brent Allsop is not a network administrator.)
  • Reliable via redundancy.
  • Expandable / Flexible.
  • Gigabit LAN.
  • Ability to use available bandwidth for personal family use without impacting the performance of in any way.
Currently there are 2 computers relevant to this discussion. Xion is the Linux box currently running the Canonizer system. Hal is a MS windows box that is used for the primary development workstation, personal downloading tasks, and such. There are, and will be other computers added to the internal LAN. Eventually we would like to set up a second mirror to Xion to provide complete redundancy and develop replication and the ability to scale the system.
Since the Canonizer system that will allow people to 'support' camps isn't complete, please indicate which 'camp' you are in via e-mail. And remember that if you spend more than an hour of time or effort for Canonizer LLC, report such so your share of contribution to Canonizer LLC can be properly credited. (see Development Compensation)

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