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Go live Time : 13 August 2021, 06:43 AM

Mortal Example

We accept the possibility that Jesus may not have been a specific real person. But believe there was at least one inspiring person with these attributes back then, and that there have been many people with similar peaceful example setting attributes since then.

We reject any kind of "divinity" or "literal son of god" attributes of Jesus, and this understanding of his "atonement" wouldn't work if he were more divine or godly than the rest of us could also be. In fact, it seems hard for us to think anything other than that if he were divine, and that if there is some neither world where God and dead people hide from us, allowing himself to die, would have been doing nothing more than running home to daddy, rather than continuing to help us in more real ways, down here? We believe it is far better to live and serve people, than to die for them, if such is in any way possible. And we hope to soon be able to easily do way more than that, long before we are anything close to being "God".

We believe that someday there will be perfect justice. In other words, for any sins anyone committed against anyone, they will be able to make a full restitution for such, with plenty of interest. To the extent that anyone sinned against will feel like they were better off, after all was said and done. We will never give up working for such, whether in this life or the next. And such should be trivially easy for most people, since everyone contributes way more to the world, than they take away from any individual. So when they receive their reword in heaven, for all they did in life, especially having children, when things are finally made just - it will only likely take a small fraction of a percent, to pay off any sins they may have committed against anyone.

We think of Jesus as understanding this principle. He obviously wanted to preach to, and thereby improve the morality of the world. But, the leaders of the day, wanted something different. Jesus realized this, so patiently suffered for us, died for them, and let them have their turn first, getting what they wanted - to kill him. We believe that Jesus understood that, once things were made just, and that when he was resurrected, or whenever things were finally made just, that he would be way better off, when it was his turn to have justice. The leaders of his day, and many others, owing him huge amounts, pluses interest, for there to be true justice.

We believe this was not an exclusive thing that no other human could do, and that many others are capable of and do often set the same inspiring Christ like example.

We also highly value scriptures where Jesus commanded everyone to be "saviors" and to "raise the dead" such as Matthew 10:8, and D&C 103:9. And believe this is something required of us all, if we are to be able to finally pay back our debt , to our parents, who we are moral enough to recognize as our creators, and make things just in that way, by resurrecting them during the millennium or once we or our children achieve immortality.

So, in this way Jesus died for those he loved, setting a peaceful and inspiring example for all those who do really believe that someday, whether in this life or the next, there will be true justice. And we seek to follow his example as best as we can.

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