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Go live Time : 22 January 2012, 05:51 AM
The inevitable conclusion will change the picture of cause & effect driven universe --- into the picture of agents driven universe. Now, what that precisely means in physics, for example, is yet to be worked out. I have proposed the concept of tuning, though. It is quite simple, but needs a lot of math around. Anyway, some things are better left to the professionals. In the progress, the physics may remember where it started its journey towards quantum arena. This may help them to start connecting the dots towards ours. You know, we do need physics in biology, for example. Please vote.

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The New Scientist has just expressed (21 January 2012) --- very strong support for this camp. Please, browse through the pages and vote...

The dualist-magical-contra-causal-first-cause-sort-of-a-thing has causality mindset. Now, if we change this mindset into agents driven universe --- we will resolve the riddle. In physics, energy fluctuates in vacuum and new particles simply appear and disappear. But this does not happen in vacuum only. So, a wavicle is an agent by a simple appearance-disappearance act.

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