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As things scale, say you get to more than 100 supporters for a topic, if everyone gets involved with the management of those topics, things would become difficult. However, like voting, a LOT of people don’t want to get involved in every last little detail. That is where Canonizer’s infinite delegation comes in.

If people want to be a “direct supporter” of a topic, they are expected to stay involved, review emails about proposals, and work to push the topic forward. If, instead, you delegate your support to someone else, you are relieved from that responsibility. Your vote then follows that person as your representative. Your kids can delegate to you. You cab delegate to someone you trust on a particular topic better than yourself. This can result in large trees of delegating followers giving their direct support power to their leader.

The most efficient way to do this at scale is to have only a few, or even one world's best direct supporter on each topic, with everyone else delegating to that one person. While the person at the top of such a hierarchy isn’t “the boss”, everyone is simply indicating they are willing to follow them. And if they ever screw up, everyone can instantly delegate to someone else. This results in a legitimate hierarchy where the largest organizations can change on a dime the instant that expert jumps camps. Everyone can know everyone in the world is happy to follow that one world’s best leader in any radically changed new direction.

The more direct supporters there are, the better things can be managed. However the more difficult the direct supporter’s job becomes as negotiation requirements scale. The more people there are that want to be direct supporters, the harder their job becomes. And the harder the job becomes, the fewer people will want to do it, resulting in a supply/demand type equilibrium.

Also, separation of powers is perfectly achieved, since every topic can be managed by a different world’s best expert on only that one topic.

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