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Go live Time : 24 September 2020, 12:12 AM

Adding the Canonizer feedback camp outline to internet pages

You can embed the Canonizer feedback camp outline in any HTML document on the web.

The embed code is as follows:

<p> <script src=https://canonizer.com/js/campoutline.js/> <script> outlinecall({topic_num},{camp_num}); </script> </p>

Cut and paste that html code and embed it in your HTML document where you want the camp outline to appear.

You must replace the {topic_num} and {camp_num} values, with the actual topic and camp integer identifiers. You can get those numbers from the camp address URL, as follows:

https://canonizer.com/js/campoutline.js/> text]/{camp_num}[seo text]

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