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Go live Time : 11 July 2012, 02:29 AM
Who/what is the greatest threat to humanity? Your greatest enemy knows you the best. Mankind's greatest enemy is itself .. How do we 'prove' this? The easiest way is to negate the counterargument: disprove alternatives .. Disease? We are finding cures and immunizations for many on a yearly basis.. Age? We are discovering what causes aging - potentially, how to 'cure' it. Death? We are discovering death may not be 'the end' as some propose. The Devil? Some religious types will insist Satan is humanity's greatest enemy but.. Since we cannot prove/disprove God, Satan's existence is also non-testable. How can we talk about something we cannot test? ..The unknown? We've 'always' been afraid of the unknown but.. That's analogous to turning on the lights in a room; all we need to do is explore the unknown - to not be afraid anymore.. Something in the environment? Meteor? Flood? Earthquake? Volcano? These are external factors and can all be avoided with proper planning - yes - even meteor. How? Put human bases on the Moon, Mars, and Asteroids. So.. Every 'threat' to humankind is merely that - a threat. The real Danger to humankind is humankind.

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