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Canonizer Camp URL Formatting

Many websites provide “permalinks” to content that allow users to access them directly by typing the URL directly into the address bar of their browser. Canonizer users who wants to do the same thing here can accomplish this by observing the following formatting conventions of the following link:{topic_num}[-{topic_name}]/{camp_num}[?filter=0.000&asof={bydate,review,default}&asofdate={date('Y/m/d')}&canonizer={key_value_from ]

That appears daunting at first glance, but this can be broken down into a series of predictable elements. Take, for example, the following link:]

This leads to the camp statement about Representational Qualia. As in all Canonizer links, the first element of the link is the URL of the main page. After the first slash, the word ”topic” is inserted. This is also a uniform element in Canonizer Camp URLs. So all Canonizer Camp URLS begin this way:

That’s the easy part. It gets a little trickier after that.

Each topic is assigned a numerical designation when it is created. The next element in a canonizer URL is that topic number, followed by a dash which includes the camp name separated by dashes between each word. In this case, this is topic 88 with a camp titled “Comprehensive Public,” so the element is 88-Representational-Qualia.

So, combining the first two elements, this is what we get:

The next element is the camp number, which is a subheading of the topic number. Since “Representational Qualia” is the eighth subcamp under topic 88, the number in the URL is 8, which brings us to a URL like this:

At this point, the URL directly above includes all the necessary elements for a working Canonizer link.

Optional Elements of a Canonizer Link

A question mark after the camp number divides the mandatory link elements from the optional link elements, like so:

The first optional element is the filter of how many supporters of the camp should be pulled up in your search. A higher number will limit the subcamps in the link to those that have the minimum number of supporters specified in the filter. The default setting used if you do not specify any number in your URL is 0.001, or just above 0.

The next element is the As Of date option, which can be changed to reflect how the topic appeared on any given day. The default setting is the date in which the inquiry is made.

The final optional element is “Key Value From,” which allows you to include a filter of the Canonize Algorithm according to the opinions of specified submitters, such as Mind Experts or Computer Science Experts.

This is quite an involved process, but it is important to note that building and formatting a link from scratch is not necessary for most users to easily navigate Canonizer content.

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