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Go live Time : 04 November 2011, 11:04 PM

Freedom is Compatible with Determinism

The first problem with any discussion on freedom, is lack of a good definition of what free will is. We prefer the definition of freedom as "being able to choosing that which is better". For us, we know of no other definition that is not terrible or often leads to things like hateful action or thoughts or assumptions.

A critical part of the discussion is to also not consider choices that are very similar, ie some people prefer strawberry and chocolate, equally. Discussion around similar choices is a complete waste of time and leads to mistaken, evil, and hateful thinking. So for us, the most important thing is to only focus on choices of extreme value differences. An example choice we face every day being, do you keep on breathing, so you can live, maybe make it to heaven, or do you stop breathing, or maybe stab yourself..., so you die - go to hell.

Now, given that, anything that destroys one's ability to chose that which is better, whether it be ignorance, inability, being lied to, any kind of randomness, temptation, any kind of quantum non determinism, this small individual choice won't get you, but lots of them will eventually "chain you", having to chose between what one being wants vs. another being, even many perverted definitions of free will and so on. If anything like that are the cause of you choosing that which is not better, or that which you don't want and is destroying your free will, or ability to get what you really want, it never increases your freedom.

For us, God, absolutely, deterministically, must always make the right choice. If anything at all, that makes him chose otherwise, such is simply proof that he is not YET free, and also not YET a perfect all powerful god. We simply all must work with the eternal goal in mind of achieving the ability to always, deterministicaly, make the right choice, and never give up on anyone till we all get there, or eternally move in the right direction helping everyone to be as free as possible, no matter how diverse their wants.

Many people have a working hypothesis that there must be some kind of non caused will, if there is to be justice. But this is absurd and completely lacks any kind of creative thinking. A person can very clearly choose to have something in this life, that is very valuable, vs something in the next life that may be even more valuable, but of a very remote possibility. If he choose one, vs the other, and if there is to be perfect justice, he must get the reward of his actions and choices, and so on. This should also be true, even if the person didn't know any better, and so on. Just as we thought that stock would go up, if we had known it was going to tank, we wouldn't have purchased it. Of course, justice and punishment is obvious for all such cases.

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