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Go live Time : 14 October 2011, 03:32 AM

Thou Shalt Not Kill

The US is making a huge issue about some alleged Iranian plot to assassinate someone. They are pointing out how this is such an evil thing. How it is a violation of what we've determined US law to be, and what we've determined international law to be. We're doing all we can to make everyone completely afraid of this, so we can better isolate, frustrate and destroy anyone that would attack any of our 1%.

Yet we turn around, and fly our mechanical drones around the world, and kill minority or different leaders at will. Is anyone even interested in anything they want, other than going on and on about they want to kill us? Doing everything they can to drum up as much fear as possible, so we can maintain our power and ability to keep our hierarchies in power and unified against them.

We believe "Thou Shalt Not Kill". We believe drone killings, capital punished and so on, should all cease immediately. Instead of 'otherizing' and fear mongering about people that are different, and building armies to destroy them, before they destroy us, we need to survey them, and find out what it is they really want. Surely, if we did that, and had what they want as one of our goals, (spending far more on that than we do on military) they would not longer want to destroy us.

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