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Top Mormon Experts

   "The Deseret News recently reprinted [http://www.deseretnews.com/top/168/1561/Top-10-LDS-6Intellectuals7-E-E-Ericksen.html?pg=2 Leonard Arrington's
   ranking of the men he dubbed the ten 'most eminent intellectuals
   in Mormon history'],  He composed this list (upon consultation
   with fifty 'prominent Mormons') in 1969."

On Jun 19, 2011, there was an article in the Sunday edition of the Deseret News entitled: "Who are Mormon Intellectuals? Top ten list only a beginning" by Matthew Bowman referring to and expanding this list. The above quote is from that article.

The goal of this open survey is to expand this list and get a broader, more rigorous and quantitative survey of who everyone currently most trusts as the best Mormon experts. Eventually, it would be great to create a new 'canonizer' algorithm based on the results of this open survey. With such an algorithm based on this list, people could compare what these experts believe is best on such issues as what are the best Mormon doctrines to focus on, what are the best ways to treat gays in society, and so on. It would be valuable to compare and contrast the results of this type of Mormon Expert canonizer with the general population, vs the general Mormon Population, vs atheists, people of other faiths, and so on.

Matthew Bowman pointed out "Arrington's list is heavily weighted toward academics and toward the so-called golden age of Mormon thought." His additions were largely influenced by how popular people's works were amongst latter day saints, and what they believe today.

Currently, the goal of this topic includes these goals, but the more important issues are who people believe is 'right' as opposed to who is more popular, or more academic. Notice, the purpose is not who IS right, but who everyone would most trust for moral and doctrinal advice. While these Deseret News lists are about classical people, this list is focused more towards latter day, and living experts.

We invite everyone to participate in this survey. As you consider who to indicate are your top Mormon Experts, think of who you would most trust to provide you moral advice on how to have the best faith, how to live the best life, who would know the answer to the question about what we are, what our purpose is, and who might know best about what is required to most benefit everyone in the future and during the eternities.

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