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Go live Time : 24 March 2012, 08:15 PM
Effing the Ineffable will be such a milestone

We agree, and support the parent "Full simulation of the human neocortex" will guarantee that human level AI will be achieved within 5 years. However we believe the effing discovery of phenomenal (or spiritual, if you will) properties of the brain, and how the brain unifies phenomenal properties together to phenomenally paint our conscious knowledge of the world this will significantly enhance all related efforts towards human level AI, including motivating the general population to be interested in increasing funding to all this type of work. We believe the discovery of the spiritual will enable human level AI, significantly before we achieve a full simulation of the human neocortex.

The consciousness survey project is surveying experts in the theoretical field of the mind (already including leading participators at various degrees such as Steven Lehar, Stuart Hameroff, John Smythies, David Chalmers, Jonathan Edwards, and a growing number of others) on the best ways to think about our consciousness and general intelligence. This consensus building survey is revealing a surprising amount of expert consensus emerging around "Representational Qualia Theory".

We are often disappointed that more people interested in the future of artificial general intelligent seem not to be aware of many of the key important parts of our consciousness and general intelligence a significant portion of the body of theoretical experts seems to all agree on. Things like that qualia are important; that phenomenal red is not a property of something like a strawberry reflecting 650nm light, but is instead a property of our knowledge of such, and that this can all be phenomenally joined together to make our knowledge of the world; that we should expect to soon be able to eff these properties, and start hacking, expanding, merging and improving them in infinitely many diverse ways. All of this enabling uploading, so that we know what our uploads are subjectively like, and visa versa, and each other. The lack of evidence that people participating in such surveys, such as the one done by Anders, or in conversations and papers in general, is troubling to us, and believe such ignorance and failure to consider or address such is a significant problem hurting the credibility of such bodies of experts in the general population. Why is it that so many people only considers something like using the Turning Test to determine intelligence, and the best/only way to know what other's intelligence is like, while ignoring all this?

A definite milestone for us will be when we have the ability to start effing and hacking and merging or sharing phenomenal awareness spaces of our conscious knowledge. Surely, our right hemisphere knows what red is like for our left hemisphere, since the corpus callosum merges these worlds together, so we can be aware of red represented on the right side, and green in the left side, all at the same time, enabling us to be aware of and select the red ones from amongst the green.

V.S. Ramachandran was the first to predicted we will be able to do a similar thing as the corpus callosum is doing by connecting multiple brains together via a 'bundle of neurons' so we can know and experience how others are experiencing of the world, how many of our qualia are completely inverted or very unique from others. And of course, we'll surely be creating artificial worlds of phenomenal awareness, merging, and expanding our minds with them and/or uploading ourselves into them. We think all of this will happen around the same time as we achieve human level AGI. Once we finally understand the phenomenal properties of neural correlates (likely one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time?) and we finally get going phenomenally, we will certainly be within 5 years of human level AGI.

And of course, since our knowledge of our spirits, currently trapped inside our skulls, will finally effingly escape the mortal veil of phenomenal perception spirit prison walls of our skulls/senses, we will no longer be trapped in these very limited in intelligence bodies. Of course, with this aging, stupidity, irrational religious fanaticism, war mongering, global warming, and most other world problems will also no longer trouble us. That is why we think so many people trying to find cures for aging, trying to get into space before this, are all wasting their time and slowing us down. We need to do this first. Then, everything else will be easy and within 5 years.

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