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Go live Time : 23 April 2011, 07:49 PM
"Can you think of any milestone such that if it were ever reached you would expect human-level machine intelligence to be developed within five years thereafter?"

At the Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) Winter Intelligence conference on machine intelligence Jan 16, 2011 an informal poll was conducted by Anders Sandburg to elicit the views of the participants on various questions related to the emergence of machine intelligence. (see http://www.fhi.ox.ac.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0015/21516/MI_survey.pdf )

Question number 4 on this survey was the open text question above, the subject of this open survey topic. The goal here is to take the similar, more well accepted better ideas contained therein, to collaboratively merge them, building consensus, using the best descriptions and arguments, get a quantitative measure for the most well accepted of them, and make the survey more dynamic and open so more people can contribute, and have the ability to change camps in a trackable way as things go forward.

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