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Go live Time : 11 December 2010, 01:43 AM
Unified, life long, personal medical records.

Examples of companies working on this include Please help us brain storm your ideas of what the ideal medical record system would be like, what you would be able to do with it, and how we might be able to more quickly achieve such.

Of course one thing everyone can do is start demanding their and their family medical doctors, hospitals, all lab work, prescriptions... be submitted to one of the above listed public health systems. Get rid of your note book, you at least have one of these, don't you!! Start moving all this data to the cloud, where it belongs, for the good of all.

The medical community seems stuck in the dark ages, and desperately needs a kick in the pants from us, the medical customers. You should ask every doctor or medical professional that you ever work with if they will support this.

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