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Go live Time : 11 December 2010, 01:22 AM
Rigorously measure what the moral and scientific experts believe.

Today's technology, and the powers of humans are increasing at least exponentially. However, the morality of humanity is still stuck in the dark ages, and progressing very slowly, if at all, in many ways. Many would argue, morality of humanity is regressing, and fear what an immoral society will end up doing with our newly achieved powers. Religious fundamentalists terrorist are good examples of morals gone bad.

We believe there are moral experts, scientific experts, and so on that have significantly better moral and / or scientific understanding, than the general population. The problem is, these experts are usually in the minority, and often are never heard above the noise of all the ignorant masses. Beliefs about theories of consciousness and our spirits (a critical part of moral judgment in many issues) in the general population, and so on, are usually significantly different than what the scientific expert consensus is on the topic, for example, as is being demonstrated in the Consciousness Survey Project.

We believe a fundamental part of morality is knowing concisely and quantitatively what everyone wants.

We believe we should provide people the ability to select who they personally trust as experts, in any way they desire, and survey for what all such experts believe or want. We believe such a concise and quantitative moral survey reference tool which everyone can participate in will help significantly better educate everyone, morally. We believe such is required to finally enable the worlds morals to keep up with their exponentially increasing technological prowess. And we believe that increased moral education will also increase the speed at which we do better science, because we will have better chosen and more productive priorities to test for.

Of course, canonizer.com is one embodiment of activities being taken by a growing group of volunteers to better survey moral and scientific experts. We encourage everyone to participate, educate, and become better educated on what the experts think on exponentially increasing moral issues approaching us at ever faster rates like a steaming trains speeding down a track towards us. Help us to better know what all the money being spent on science today should be spent on.

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