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Go live Time : 17 September 2011, 08:16 PM
No Trends in Evolutionary Biology

This is basically Steven J Gould's camp. Others in this camp include Sean Carol and Daniel Dennett (Author of "Darwin's Dangerous Idea").

On Sep 10, 2011 Brent Allsop attended a lecture being put on at the University of Utah by Victor Stenger. During the question and answer period, he asked Victor his views on this issue. The evolutionary biologist Don Fairbanks was also in attendance. Both clearly expressed their support of Gould's POV on this issue.

Victor, Don, Daniel, Steven, or anyone else in this camp, if you see this. We could sure use your support to help improve this survey. Some of you have made claims that your view is the scientific consensus, but so far this survey seems to be indicating quite the opposite. More people, both expert and not, seem willing to speak up and support competing camps?

This camp basically believes the idea that "There are not trends or directions in evolution". (source?)

Note: Currently, Brent Allsop is supporting this camp (after his support of the Evolution wants Something camp) , attempting to represent those listed above. However, this is only for 'sympathetic' reasons and he looks forward to finding at least one person in this camp willing to be a real direct supporter.

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