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Go live Time : 28 November 2010, 09:38 PM
Are There Trends in Evolutionary Biology?

There are Evolutionary Biologists, such as Steven J Gould, that argue that evolution has no purpose or direction or even trends. Manny assert that this view is "orthodox" in evolutionary biology or that the vast majority are in this camp. However, there are other experts such as Gould's Christian student Simon Conway Morris that argue a different view - that evolution does have purpose, and this purpose is inevitable for all biology.

The purpose for this camp is to rigorously measure and get a quantitative grasp on just how much of an "orthodox" or how much of the 'vast majority" think evolution has no trends.

Many assert that "evolution destroys the notion of purpose", and tries to isolate or separate the notion of "purpose" or "want" from science.

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