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Go live Time : 10 December 2010, 06:48 AM
A realist has to acknowledge the likelihood that both good and bad (in the general sense) will come from the information Wikileaks is going to show people. These leaks will have serious repercussions for many individuals and organizations around the world. Fact is a better guiding light than secrecy.

Julian Assange is doing what he thinks is right and there's no evading the fact that an immense quantity of these cables expose knowledge that should belong to the people placing politicians at their posts (in America and abroad.)

That said, the character, technological and financial assault on Assange and Wikileaks is unprecedented.

For a large part of this, the media's coverage has been ridiculous. The same organizations who are reaping the benefits of the news generated by these leaks are simultaneously writing personal attack pieces on Assange, often filled with enough "minor errors" entire articles become manufactured lies and speculation. It's irrelevant who got us this information and how they conduct their personal lives. To participate in pop media speculation and tabloid journalism at such a time is extremely distasteful and dismissive of the real discussions that need to be had.

It's likely many of the service providers who cut off support to Wikileaks did so at their own behest and for legitimate reasons. It's extremely unlikely, however, that such numbers of providers would stop support at or near the same time without some kind of geopolitical pressure to do so.

It's our information and we'll decide what's good and bad once we've gained more hindsight. Hopefully we can use the information gleaned to herald a better future where the killing and enslavement of the poor by the rich doesn't go unnoticed.

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