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Go live Time : 08 December 2021, 02:24 AM

Ghosts and Worlds of the Dead

While we believe in spirits, and spirit worlds, composed of and dependent on the phenomenal or spiritual qualities of stuff in the brain, we do not believe in disembodied Ghosts hiding from us in any way in separated worlds of the dead.

There seems to be many contradictions with ideas like ghosts. For example, if they are disembodied, what, then, are they composed of? And if a world is separated or hiding from us in any way, to us, this would be a bad thing, and we would seek to overcome any such separation.

In addition, we consider believing in ghosts and separation to be damaging to society. It gives people less motivation to do things like worry about working to achieve the millennium. In other words, we consider these types of beliefs as contributing to the delay of the millennium resulting in more deaths than otherwise necessary.

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