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Luciferian Murder

Some people have beliefs in actual sentient beings that are evil, with names like Lucifer and Satan. These types of beliefs sometimes include efforts to frustrate the will of and separate Lucifer, sometimes to hell or lesser kingdoms.

For us, by definition, any beliefs or actions like this are hateful, and incompatible with unconditional love of all. If one does not ‘hate’ such an actual Lucifer character, then they would be necessarily sad, or else it could not be love, by definition. Whether it is hateful or sad or both, this is necessarily incompatible with faith and hope for something better: unconditional love of all.

Instead, we consider evil to be simply a lack of good, the same as darkness is simply the lack of light. We have faith and hope that all such will eventually be overcome, once all supporters of such finally ‘see the light’ by overcoming whatever weakness resulted in their support of such. We instead, reserve terms such as Lucifer and Satan as temporarily evil beings who will eventually see the error of their ways.

A Luciferian Murderer is anyone that engages in any behavior which delays the start of the millennium. The millennium will begin when death is finally overcome. Today, someone in the world dies roughly every second. At that rate, for every day this time is delayed tens of thousands additional deaths will occur. So if a person engages in a behavior that delays the millennium for even a day, they are effectively murdering tens of thousands of people in a luciferian way.

A murderer is anyone who violates the 6th commandment: “Though shalt not kill”. If we assume a lifespan of 100 years, and if someone murders someone when they are 50 years old, this will result in 50 person years of death that would otherwise be possible. If we assume the millennium will be 1000 years, and that the mean resurrection time is the middle of this 1000 year period, a single luciferian murder, on average, will then result in 500 person years of death. In other words, a luciferian murder is an order of magnitude more evil than a typical murder.

The term Luciferian Murder is simply a label for the above defined behavior. If you prefer a less pejorative term for this behavior, we invite anyone to propose such. We also point out that no matter what you call this kind of behavior, it is still the same thing.

Examples of Luciferian Murder

  1. Anyone that supports any Yes, Death gives meaning to life camp.
  2. Anyone that publishes articles like this one which advocates for death, or attempts to frustrate transhumanists in their effort to usher in the millennium sooner.
  3. Any censoring of efforts to reach the millennium. An example being when an LDS bishop censored Brent Allsop from discussing the fact that his father was cryontically preserved, at his father’s funeral.
  4. Thinking that “nothingness” is comforting, as is done in Anil Seth’s TED article. Some people think ‘nothingness’ would be better than something like hellfire and damnation. We disagree. With hellfire, at least you are something, some people are masochists, and you can always work to improve things, like engineering a heat pump to make things comfortable. For us, such ‘nothingness’ is the worst.

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