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The purpose of life is a life with a purpose.
guerilla war, Slaughter by the power hungry branches of their own gente Ghandi wasn’t killed by Pakistani nationals He was assassinated by a Hindu radical And Che Guevara, rebel to a U.S. continent Was sold to the C.I.A. by Bolivian communists Wasn’t Yitzhak Rabin murdered by a Zionist And Anwar Sadat a victim of the same violence? Malcolm X was seen as a threat to the F.B.I. But to blast ‘em they used Muslims from the N.O.I. Even the 35th President of the Republic Was murdered by factions of his own government So now that it’s proven, that a soldier of Revolution Or head of an empire, disguised in a Constitution Can not escape the retribution or manipulation Of the self-appointed rulers of the planets corporations So Imma need every generation to put your hands up Cause you can only get ‘em off your back when you stand up!

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