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Go live Time : 10 July 2010, 07:48 PM
War is never acceptable

Killing is always always always primitive, faithless, immoral and evil.

You can tell how sick society still is today, when you see people cheering whenever anyone is killed (for example, on the front page of a SLC newspaper, after someone has been given a final decision that he will be put in front of a firing squad.) or when someone like a Taliban leader is killed by a drone aircraft.

War is a primitive animalistic evolutionary survival of the fittest instinct, where one hierarchical organization is spreading fear about and seeking to destroy another. Obviously the majority of society has been bred to buy in to all the fear mongering by today's immoral and hateful hierarchical leaders taking us to war.

When you have 10 hierarchical states, companies, religions..., up till now, they tended to always try to destroy, dominate, or convert everyone else to be part of their own hierarchy. In the past, the hierarchies that do that the best have been the only ones that would survive. Obviously, this kind of behavior where everyone is seeking to destroy the other 9, is holding today's society back more than any other single issue. The fact that so much money is spent on military, as apposed to humanitarian aid / eduction, shows how faithless, primitive, hateful, and sick today's society still is.

We believe it is far better to first, seek to know, concisely and quantitatively, just what it is the other 9 want. And then have that, or at least not getting in the way of that, as our first priority. We tend to seek after what we want, after that, as a second priority. If everyone in these 10 organizations would have the same philosophy, where everyone is working to get what everyone else wants first, instead of to destroy it all, the world would obviously become many orders of magnitude better.

We also are in the camp that has faith and hope that it is possible for all true will to be fulfilled. We will never give up faith and hope that such will be possible, or our willingness to eternally try for such.

We also have faith and hope that in the end, true justice will be possible. Like everything else, we are already making exponential+ progress on the amount of justice there is. Punishment of any kind is never justice, and just makes things worse for everyone. Full restitution, with significant interest, is what true justice is. For example, something like someone being someone else's slave for 10,000 years could be one possible just restitution. So if we spend our time, first getting what others want, eventually it will all be our turn, and we will get our rewards, with significant interest. We will eternally seek to make things more just and fair for everyone.

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