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Classic Qualia

Quale qualities are ineffable properties that suffer from the Quale Interpretation Problem. The taste of salt is one example. Obviously, if someone tells you something tastes 'salty', you can't know what such an abstract symbol means, even if you have an infinite number of bits describing it, unless you know how to interpret those abstract bits. That is what the quale interpretation problem is. You can't get classic quale from ones and zeros, until you know how to properly interpret them to get to the intended fundamental ineffable quale meaning, intended.
Quale properties are contrasted from causal properties. Currently, because of the quale interpretation problem, we can't know if any causal properties are, or are not, related to any phenomenal properties we observe through cause and effect observation. Again, this is because anything observed or represented abstractly, which is necessarily so, when done through cause and effect observation. All we know of the causal properties of nature is the abstract interpretation our senses place on the abstract data coming to our senses. These must be properly interpreted to know their true meaning, especially what they may or may not be fundamentally like.
An important part of Classic Qualia is that the map is never the territory, unless it is properly interpreted as such. One can easliy represent the other, and visa versa, but until you know how to properly interpret any abstract representation, you will miss any fundamental / phenomenal meaning.
Most people also think qualia are 'private' or something we can't share with others. But most of the leading consensus theory of consciousness camps include predictions that we will soon discover, predictably, what it is that has these properties and thereby discover how to 'eff' the ineffable, or overcome the quale interpretation problem. In other words, we are on the verge of rending this phenomenal veil of perception, possibly the greatest scientific discovery of all time.

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