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Go live Time : 28 January 2011, 07:48 AM
The real purpose of ExpertNet is to open gov to citizen experts. We propose the name "Open".

An additional issue to just the name, is where will a sub domain, such as 'Open' be housed. For example, it could be just open.gov, open.whitehouse.gov, or various other possibilities. We believe it is likely that other Departments and Agencies will follow shortly hereafter, similar to the IdeaScale launch that started at the White House and then spread across Govt. We propose the initial version be open.whitehouse.gov with expectations that other government entities will implement a similar system within their domain, such as open.nasa.gov, open.ca.gov, open.state.gov, and so on.

The title of sites could be OpenWhiteHouse v2.0, OpenNASA v.20, OpenCalifornia v.20 with the v2.0 added to distinguish them from other similarly named sites, and to reference the Web/Gov 2.0 aspect of ExpertNet. We also quite like the idea of the White House site named OpenWhiteHouse v2.0, as a nod to open house parties, where the guests come and go as they please. This seems a very "inviting" name. :-)

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