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A Map of Consciousness Studies: consciousness studies have rapidly developed in the last three decades; many philosophical and scientific theories of consciousness have been proposed. however, it is far less clear how such theories of consciousness are related to each other. some theories target different aspects of consciousness; some theories address the same aspect of consciousness but with different methodologies. consider two influential scientific theories of consciousness, the integrated information theory (iit)

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Topic Name : Consciousness Consensus Projct
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Camp Name : A Map of Consciousness
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Keywords : The List of Questions Philosophical inquiries have typically been divided into three categories: Ontological, Epistemological, and Axiological (Lee, 1966, p. 72; Woleński, 2004, p. 3). In addition to this traditional distinction, I incorporate two other fundamental categories into the classificatory framework for questions about consciousness, namely, Definitional and Phenomenological. Definitional inquiries explore satisfactory definitions of key concepts, such as “good” and “knowledge.” The term “consciousness” is also a target of this inquiry. Phenomenology is a
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