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Go live Time : 04 May 2009, 01:47 AM
We believe that entropy drives a process known as extropy and that through the efforts of each generation, the next one is better. Ultimately, this process will result in generations that have God like abilities, such as creating (or more accurately organizing) worlds and inhabiting them with their children.

The 'children' created by these future generations will be trillions of times better than us primitive animals in every possible aspect.

Any God that would create such primitive animals as us, and even worse, hide from us after doing so, would be a poor and immoral God, in comparison. We have more faith than to accept such a terrible thing as being true.

The idea that something as wonderful as humanity, and all we know, can come from apes, enables faith and hope that something wonderful is truly possible.

If you give up faith and hope and believe the best an all powerful God can do is us, then we are eternally screwed, and nothing more will ever be possible. To accept such, is to accept eternal damnation. To claim you have 'faith' in such, to us, is a lie, since that is just the opposite, or abandonment of faith in accepting something so terrible in comparison as being true.

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