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Go live Time : 24 September 2011, 09:47 PM
We believe that any good morality must be built on top of, or at a minimum, be aware of the basic principles that are 'guiding' evolution and what the early expert consensus agrees it wants. The very minimal set of necessarily absolute fundamentals any morality should be derived from and guided by include:

  1. Survival is better
  2. Social is better
  3. Diversity is better
These are all fundamentally life affirming principles, and what drives any sufficient evolutionary process or algorithm towards more life at an obviously at least exponential rate. Everything always necessarily drives towards all such life and all that is better.

Higher level guiding moral principles can be derived from these few absolutes. Things such as intelligence is better, sex is better, are all things all of us should be working to increase and expand. Though complexity, in and of itself, is not good, the amount of life possible is clearly limited by the current level of complexity of any system. We consider any moral principles derived from such absolutes as natural and life based.

To the degree that any moral system, or lack thereof, deviates away from such life based guidance it can be judged to be immoral, and as something that needs to be overcome. Any morally guiding ideas such as "by their fruits, ye shall know them" 7:16 should be based on these moral absolutes. If their fruits lead to more life, support it. To the degree that it is not, it can be seen as still primitive, devilish, and we should have faith and hope that all such can be overcome by good efforts.

Throughout history various religions have valued death in various situations. Very few people would disagree that the many suicide religious cults were anything other than evil. More prominent religions also value death in less extreme ways. An example would be God asking of a follower to kill or sacrifice a son. Even if done as a test of loyalty by any God, according to these absolute morals, any person giving into such an immoral temptation would clearly be making an immoral choice and failing a reasonable absolute test of morality. Any god that demanded such, according to these absolute morals, would clearly be more of a Devil, that should be resisted, than any kind of moral God deserving of any worship or emulation.

Any sentient or intelligent being cannot become very advanced before necessarily achieving the ability to comprehend and seek to abide by all such absolute morals. Some people worry that some super advanced extra terrestrials might want to come and annihilate life, or at least humanity on earth in a 'War of the Worlds' kind of way. But of course such would clearly violate the 2nd moral absolute, that being social is better than being anti social. Once any race or being is wiped out in any such way, the survivor is then necessarily more alone than before the genocide. In all possible sufficient worlds, such being lonely could never be better than not being alone. We therefore believe any such 'advanced' and destructive being to be a logical impossibility in all possible worlds.

We reject any claim that anything, including deities, may ever mandate violating any of these moral absolutes. Religious organizations and Cults often use arguments to justify such evil with things like "God's ways are not mans ways" Or "Man cannot yet see or understand the ways and reasons of God." Once you start justifying evil like this, any evil cult can make the same claim of equivalent morality, and justify any evil behavior at all by doing the same. Anyone making such moral justification for evil behavior or teachings that violate such moral absolutes are thereby no better than any of the obviously evil suicide cults. All such destructive behaviors should be resisted and preached against to the extent possible, with the faith that all such will eventually see the light, and the error of their ways, and finally achieve a state in which they want to repent and change.

Another example of a moral principles derived from moral absolutes includes the idea that isolation or hiding is never as good as not being isolated or not hiding. Such would clearly stem from moral absolute number 2 in that being isolated or hiding from someone is clearly antisocial while being together, communicating, being interested in, helping in all possible ways, and not hiding is morally better.

Sometimes our desires are in contradiction with each other or with these moral absolutes. For example, most of us have sexual desires. Consequences of fulfilling such can be spread of disease, or emotional pain, and so on, or other things that violate moral absolutes by making us less fit. So in our effort to have faith that all might be fulfilled, we must be cautions to do things in intelligent and careful and cautions ways, so as not to hurt others with our actions. Moral absolutes must take priority, but once this is done, we can still have faith, hope, and work towards finding healthy, social, ways to fulfill all good desires of all beings.

Any being that thinks anyone may want to violate any of the moral absolutes, is simply still primitively mistaken in their beliefs, or still has some kind of conscious pleasure (by itself a good thing) wired by their creator to want something like the destruction of another. An example would be a sadistic person that has powerful pleasures wired to the suffering or destruction of others. We seek after and look forward to the time when we can cut our primitive 'puppet strings' that may be like this given to us by our creator. We look forward to eventually being able to re-wire such joys, pleasures, and far more than anyone has yet experienced to reward behavior we want to engage in, rather than what any of us might be wired to want to engage in.

Until we achieve such freedom enabling rewiring abilities where we can choose what we want to be motivated to do, rather than what we are wired to want to do, we will continue to resist such primitive animalistic temptations, and work to change them as much as we can, while not destroying them where possible. Rather than just saying no, and completely destroying any such, we instead have faith that at least some of it is possible without any risk. We seek to find ways to fulfill as much of such as possible in ways that are mature, unselfish, absolutely safe, not risky, and so on. Again, according to absolute number 3: the more diversity of desire and motivation, the better for all. We seek after all such.

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