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Canonizer Organization Home Page is a Wikipedia type collaborative information system with some added structure to handle point of view (POV) information. Each canonizer "topic" has an "agreement statement" that is much like a wikipedia article. In addition to this there can be additional subordinate "position statements" representing the position of various "camps" or POV on that topic. POV statements can be organized in a structure. For example in a topic like God a "Christian" position statement may exist under a monotheist statement which may exist under a theist statement. Supporting a lower camp like such a "Christian" camp implies support of all higher level position statements including the agreement statement.
This POV structure is prioritized, filtered or 'canonized' according to your own personal preferences. You can select an existing canonizer while browsing. If there isn't a canonizer that prioritizes and filters things the way you want it - you can submit or customize your own canonizer. For example a member of the LDS church may select a canonizer that counts 1 vote for people that claim membership in the LDS church and ignores all other "support" while an atheist may select a similarly atheist canonizer. Hence when each of these diverse people browses a topic such as God in, they will see the state of the art of what they want to see. Anyone can browse canonized information as a guest, but you must register in order to contribute, vote (join or support a position statement), set persistent preferences, collect a pay check and so on.
The most important thing about the Canonizer is what do you want it to be and say? If it isn't yet what you want it to be, or if it doesn't yet have some information you think it should, please help communicate information about what you want it to be to us, and even more importantly if you can, help us make it what you want it to be along with everyone else. What is described in these Canonizer organization pages is simply the currently canonized description of its current state and what we all want it to become. Your opinion about all this is just as important as everyone else's and the Canonizer will not be complete without it.
It is intended that Canonizer LLC be a leaderless organization where many of the decisions are made by a canonization process. How works, who gets paid how much, all the rules, priorities and so forth will all be determined by such a "canonization" process where everyone can have at least some say. Techniques espoused in such books as The Myth of Leadership: Creating Leaderless Organizations by Jeffrey Nielsen will be used. link. As much as is possible everything about Canonizer LLC will be open and transparent, including all finances, code, and strategic plans. We very much agree with information like that evangelized in this Wired magazine cover article Get Naked and Rule the World. After all, we at Canonizer LLC consider Little Brother to be the one we report to and we simply want to know and do his bidding.
Canonizer LLC is a for profit company (or religion, or political/legal system…?) that will initially derive revenue from advertisements on content pages. When possible we intend to eventually return a portion of all revenue received from contributions as justly as possible with a focus on the little guy. Most people think money, personal agendas, conflicts of interest, and such corrupt and distort information system. We believe the more desire and passion on all sides the better. Rather than trying to disallow such, we believe with the goal of quantifiable discloser and tracking of all such, methods can be developed to compensate, making it much more possible to get much closer to the goal of satisfying all desires in justly profitable for all ways.

Here are some links to some canonized topics in the Canonizer organization name space:
Info about how shares of Canonizer LLC are given out, and current shares given.
Information about how we eventually intend to distribute a portion of revenue derived from a particular page to those that contributed that page.
All in the agreement statement till we can sort things.
List of expenses and venture capital contributed to date.
1 week before going live, any supporter can object during this time.
Direct supporters must receive e-mail about proposed changes at this supported level and above.

Canonizer LLC Goal:

To get everyone all that they truly want,

as soon and as much as is justly possible,

with the initial priority of knowing concisely all that this is

especially for the little guy.

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