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Canonizer.com is a consensus building open survey system designed to register and quantify the contemporary consensus on contentious issues that are in a state of flux. This kind of exchange between experts and amateurs alike, results in a hierarchical map of key ideas and the connections between them, which can serve to highlight the pivotal issues between competing camps. Instead of eternal bickering over disagreements, the crowd can instead focus on developing concise and quantitative representations of what everyone believes. The resulting concise descriptions of the leading theories, and the quantitative measures of consensus does much more than just give everyone definitive access to the wisdom of any crowd. It gives this wisdom memory. It significantly amplifies it and the speed and efficiency with which it can be developed. A critical purpose of Canonizer.com is to continually update this network of ideas, to reflect any ongoing changes in consensus, highlighting which ideas are currently growing, and which are shrinking in their consensus support as new scientific data and better arguments come in. The best way to know whether a new argument, or evidence is being persuasive or not, is to solicit and rigorously measure the contemporary consensus.

This is a wiki based system that eliminates edit wars by giving users the ability to create, join, and develop camps. It enables experts to control collaboratively developed concise descriptions of the best moral or scientific theories, in the most agreed on terminology. It provides relative quantitative measures of expert, non expert... consensus for each. Scientific data and better arguments eventually falsify primitive theories. You can definitively know a theory has been falsified to the degree the experts are abandoning the camps that represent them and vice versa for good theories.

The supporting sub camp tree structure and rules of operation, are set up to encourage as much consensus as possible on any controversial or still theoretical topic. Most people think anti public sex education people don't agree on much of anything with pro public sex education people. It is a very hateful and destructive situation with both camps tending only to think that the other camp is destroying their world. But as you can see in the public sex education topic below, it becomes immediately evident that there is unanimous agreement by everyone that sex education is important. They only differ in that some think it should be taught in a more private and personal way, while others think public is ok. Obviously, what everyone is arguing about is far less important than the real important issue that is often lost - education. This is typical of most everything today. Any time there is agreement, the conversation stops, and people descend to ever less important areas till they find what they disagree on. This is the level where all the hateful and destructive conversation takes place in all the scientific journals, political forums, blogs, and most everywhere. It's an eternal yes, no, yes, no, childish, destructive, debate that blinds everyone to how much agreement there is on a great many important things. Most quickly tire of all this censoring, and therefore fail to become informed, especially of what others still value. This is likely why so many people are still so poorly informed on issues of such increasingly critical moral and scientific importance. But when you turn this around and instead of trying to destroy and censure anyone different, you solicit for and seek to rigorously measure for such, and value what everyone still wants, it is much easier to work towards the goal of finding ways to get everyone what they want. Some can obviously easily be granted the ability to chose to be educated privately all without destroying what more social people also want.

Canonizer.com's camp structure encourages people to find the most important issues, where most people can agree, so the emphasis can stay at that much more important educational, actionable, scientifically testable, law passing level. The less important more disagreeable issues can be pushed out of the way to lower level less important sub camps. It is possible to represent everyone's current POV definitively, efficiently, concisely, quantitatively, and in real time with history.

As everyone knows, that which you measure, improves. When examining the history of some of the more well developed camps, you can see that this improvement process has, and continues to increase, beyond even what the experts are normally able to see. Experts tend to hear far more from those that disagree with them, than those that do agree, or those that have been convinced or educated by them. This often leads to gross miss perceptions of reality by experts. Canonizer.com is an effective way for experts to measure how educational / convincing, there work is amongst their peers, and the general population, and to find out where and why the general population may still not be keeping up. It better reveals what might be required to more effectively falsify primitive camps and a quantitative measure of how such may or may not be working.

Filtering is flipped upside down. Nothing is ever censored on the way in, and the rules ensure all current points of view are valued and maintained. In other words, be wary of camps with little or no expert support, except as communication of what the current supporters believe and a quantitative measure of such. Any filtering or prioritizing of camps is controlled by you, by selecting your preferred canonizor algorithm and filter settings on this side bar. Who the moral experts are, and what level of such expert consensus is required, can be determined by you. If an algorithm you prefer doesn't exist yet, it can be proposed. The goal is to have a completely customizable system for all.

Personal Canonized Values

To find out what someone's beliefs and values are, click on their ID to get to their personal canonized values page. These personal pages have a list of all supported camps. When you meet a new person, you can simply and easily share all your canonized values - comparing and contrasting them. Using the 'as of' box on the side bar, you can find what people's canonized values were at any time in the past. A powerful way to easily testify of what you believe in and hope for, in a collaborative way with all who share your beliefs. You can also create anonymous nick names and support camps anonymously if you wish.

Eliminates Problems of Traditional Petitions and Surveys

If you want to improve the world in some way, once there are enough people that agree with you, it will likely come to pass. Capitalism is all about companies getting people what they want. If enough people want something, eventually a company will find a way to profit by providing such. Or, simply, many hands make light work. One dollar, from a million people, can do quite a bit.

Traditional petitions and surveys can't change once the first person has signed or participated. Canonizer survey topics/petitions, can constantly improve, as more people contribute, and can keep up with the times.

Traditional petitions, seem selfish, in that they ignore (as if they seek to sensor or frustrate) anyone who may have a different opinion, or who's desires might be frustrated by such. Canonizer.com provides ways to collect concise and quantitative input from all points of view, making it easier to not frustrate diverse desires, while seeking after what any group may want. The only way to get everyone what they want, is to know, concisely and quantitatively, what it all is.

Canonized Feedback on Your Web pages

Comment sections on very popular and controversial web pages can often have thousands of comments, or more. Having this many is quite the discouragement for more to participate, let alone to anyone wanting to know what everyone is trying to say. Adding a canonized feedback section on such pages enables the crowd to collaboratively find consensus, and develop, concisely and quantitatively, what everyone thinks and feels.

Canonized Reputation Building

A list of testimonials won't do anyone in Nigeria, trying to do business, online much good, for obvious reasons. A reputation built in a Canonizer.com, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. All your customers could contribute to such, whether satisfied or not. If you have no dissatisfied customers, and a good number of happy ones, this can shine through in a way that nobody can doubt. For an example, see this topic on who is the best family dentist.

The Open Source Organization of Volunteers

It is intended that Canonizer LLC be a leaderless organization where many of the decisions are made by a canonization process. How canonizer.com works, who gets paid how much, all the rules, priorities and so forth will all be determined by such a "canonization" process where everyone can have at least some say. Techniques espoused in such books as The Myth of Leadership: Creating Leaderless Organizations by Jeffrey Nielsen will be used. Amazon.com link. As much as is possible everything about Canonizer LLC will be open and transparent, including all finances, code, and strategic plans. We very much agree with information like that evangelized in this Wired magazine cover article Get Naked and Rule the World. After all, we at Canonizer LLC consider Little Brother to be the one we report to and we simply want to know and do his bidding.

Canonizer LLC is a for profit company (or religion, or political/legal system…?) that will initially derive revenue from advertisements on content pages. When possible we intend to eventually return a portion of all revenue received from contributions as justly as possible with a focus on the little guy. Most people think money, personal agendas, conflicts of interest, and such corrupt and distort information system. We believe the more desire and passion on all sides the better. Rather than trying to disallow such, we believe with the goal of quantifiable discloser and tracking of all such, methods can be developed to compensate, making it much more possible to get much closer to the goal of satisfying all desires in justly profitable for all ways.

Here are some links to some canonized topics about Canonizer LLC in the Canonizer organization name space:

Info about how shares of Canonizer LLC are given out, and current shares given.

Information about how we eventually intend to distribute a portion of revenue derived from a particular page to those that contributed that page.

All in the agreement statement till we can sort things.

List of expenses and venture capital contributed to date.

  • POV Structure What is the best way to represent complex structure in the canonizer?
1 week before going live, any supporter can object during this time.

Direct supporters must receive e-mail about proposed changes at this supported level and above.


Canonizer LLC business office location:
Canonizer LLC
2204 E 10000 S
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84092

Phone: 801-944-0258

e-mail: contact@canonizer.com


Canonizer LLC Goal:

To first find out, concisely and quantitatively what everyone wants.

Then to get it all, for everyone as soon and as much as is justly possible,

with the top priority on all the people at the bottom.

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