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We are in the Unapproachable Via Science camp within the theories of consciousness topic. We correspondingly believe the methodologies of science are by their very nature unsuited to address the Hard Problem of consciousness as described by David Chalmers.

Discussions about the field of experience could not take place unless the idea of the field of experience had first appeared amongst the constituents of that field. Unlike most ideas, this idea does not depend upon any particular constituent of that field (i.e. upon some aspect of the subjective world or, more pertinently, upon some aspect of the objective world), and so, just like the subjective experiences that partly comprise that field, this idea must also be classed as non-empirical. The non-empirical nature of subjective experiences, along with the non-empirical provenance of the idea of the field of experience, renders them both strictly intractable in terms of scientific investigation. Scientific investigation is constrained to address only the objective world, and so the scientific world-model is necessarily a partial model. Our inclination to take that model as the starting point for our investigations sometimes carries forward to our attempts to investigate subjective experiences or to investigate the idea of the field of experience, but to do so is to transgress the remit of scientific investigation. Consequently all hypotheses concerning the field of experience will be metaphysical hypotheses.
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