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Susan Jane Blackmore (born 29 July 1951) is an English freelance writer, lecturer, and broadcaster on psychology and the paranormal, perhaps best known for her book "The Meme Machine".
  • Beyond the Body: An Investigation of Out-Of-The-Body Experiences, Academy Chicago Publishers, 1983, ISBN 0-586-08428-2 (first edition), ISBN 0-89733-344-6 (second edition)
  • In Search of the Light: The Adventures of a Parapsychologist, Prometheus Books, 1987, ISBN 0-87975-360-9 (first edition), ISBN 1-57392-061-4 (second edition, 1996)
  • Dying to Live: Near-Death Experiences, Prometheus Books, 1993, ISBN 0-87975-870-8
  • Test Your Psychic Powers, with Adam Hart-Davis, Thorsons Publishing, 1995, ISBN 1-85538-441-8, ISBN 0-8069-9669-2 (reprint edition)
  • The Meme Machine, Oxford University Press, reprint edition 2000, ISBN 0-19-286212-X
  • Consciousness: An Introduction, Oxford University Press, 2003, ISBN 0-19-515342-1 (hardcover), ISBN 0-19-515343-X (paperback)
  • Consciousness: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford University Press, 2005, ISBN 0-19-280585-1
  • Conversations on Consciousness Oxford University Press, 2005 ISBN 0-19-280622-X
In an article in "New Scientist" in April 1989, Susan Blackmore proposed that consciousness is what it is like to be the model of self in the world which the brain has created. This concept was also proposed in "Adventures of a Parapsychologist".

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