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Often times anyone from the outside looking in, feels unable to help or reach you. They may feel you are overreacting, overly pessimistic, dramatic, or self-destructive. What they don’t understand, is that you are experiencing a disconnection from your light. One of the most destructive Voids in ascension, is “The Dark Night of the Soul.” The Dark Night of The Soul can be defined as: “a period of spiritual desolation suffered by a mystic in which all sense of consolation is removed.” It seems that nothing can penetrate your downward or horizontal spiral of Void energy until you can find and reach your own light. This is the Void that is responsible for shattering the initial ego that keeps you rooted in the 3D Matrix that we incarnated into is a profound and painful reality that shatters all dualistic illusion.
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Submitted On : 26 September 2021, 07:52:59 AM
Submitter Nickname : Angelic1
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