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Survey Topic to brainstorm possible Invictus Innovations DACs

The purpose of this survey topic is for everyone to brainstorm possible Decentralized Autonomous Corporations to be built on top of Invictus Innovations BitShare technology. In addition to collecting ideas and specifications for possible DACs, we hope to measure the popularity of each. The more people that contribute DAC ideas, and rank their top 10 or more, the more comprehensive the survey information can become.

Once DACs are released in the market, the best ones, with the most utility will out compete lesser DACs. When people rank their top 10 DACs in this survey topic, this should represent their prediction of which ones will be the best performers. The real market performance will validate or falsify these predictions. Information about who are the best predictors can then be used to give the best experts more of a vote in future peer ranking "expert" canonizer algorithms in this theoretical field of science.

Everyone can just jump in and contribute a draft of any idea they have. It's a good way to vet any new ideas, to see how many people support it. Don't worry about making any mistakes, or not getting it right the first time as everything about a camp can be wiki edited and improved by future supporters. So just get things started. The education and amplification of the wisdom of the crowd occurs by lots of people make small, easy, collaborative contributions.

This open survey topic is part of the expert "Crypto Currency Survey Project".

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Submitted On : 01 February 2014, 08:57:55 PM
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