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Time of Resurrection

Raymond Kurzweil often claims that "The Singularity is Near". When we hear this, we think of the beginning of the "Millennium" that has been in our future according to many traditional religions, since antiquity. Indeed, we prefer to claim that the Millennium is near, as this is a far more meaningful and historical term, as described below.

The millennium starts when the last person dies. The end of the millennium ends when every person has been resurrected, and everyone is finally together, forever, nobody ever to be isolated in any significant way, ever again.

There are multiple scriptures that talk of "the hearts of the children turning to their fathers, lest the whole earth be smitten with a curse":

  • Doctrine and Covenants 2:2
  • Doctrine and Covenants 110:15
  • Malachi 4:6
  • 3 Nephi 25:6
  • Doctrine and Covenants 98:16
This 'curse' is of course separation of any kind, including death. Those that make it to this millennium, and end up being 'twinkled' (see: 1 Corinthians 15:52, D&C 63:51) will obviously be in a terrible lonely hell, for all their loved ones that did not make it. This is the worst of all possible hells. Another hell is simply non existence or rotting in the grave, not quite as bad, but almost.

So, of course, the most significant work of these immortals, will be the continuation of genealogy work and history, till we have enough completed, or find some way to save ourselves from that hell by resurrecting and fully restoring all of them, such that no hair of their head is lost, or any memory still forgotten.

Many scriptures talk about a 'first resurrection', during the beginning, or 'morning of' the millennium. This will obviously be people that are more well preserved, when they died, such as via cryonics. Obviously, children that successfully preserve their loved ones, rather than rotting them in the grave, will have a far easier time resurrecting them. Revelations 10:5 states: "the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished". Some believe resurrection of those that are cremated, and so on, might never be possible. But we like to hope that it might be at least achievable within such a period of time, and that the hideous hell without them, might only be another thousand years after the last person dies.

This millennial period will also include a reckoning, to make things perfectly just. Like everything else, justice has been increasing exponentially. We have eyes to see that things are far more just, today, than they were a thousand years ago. Obviously, our children that have the millennium served to them, freely, on a platter, having taken no effort on their own to be created in such a heavenly place, will owe a great debt to all their ancestors, that lived and struggled for millions of years, on their behalf. Surely, since these children will be immortal Gods, they will be able to pay them all back, with significant interest. All sins, by anyone, towards anyone, will also have to be fully be atoned, after people are resurrected, by making a full restitution, otherwise perfect justice would not be possible. Obviously, resurrected people will have plenty of wealth, from interest, coming to them, for the lives they lived, and the children they created, to easily pay off the debts that might have resulted from any sins. So, the millennium will be the time of settling of all debts, and complete atonement of all sins. So the achievement of perfect justice, will also be another milestone or mark of the end of the millennium.

The millennium will also be a 'spiritual' time. Currently, there is a 'veil of perception' that isolates us, and blinds us to the ineffable 'spiritual' properties of the world. There is clear expert Conesus theory of consciousness emerging in Representational Qualia Theory. We believe our 'spirits' and spiritual properties, and 'spirit worlds' are as predicted there.

The emerging expert consensus is that we are about to make the greatest scientific discovery of all time - the discovery of the relationship of the spiritual, or phenomenal, to its neural correlates. This will clearly enable us to pierce this spiritual veil, and see the real world in all its spiritual glory. It will also finally free our spirits from their mortal and spiritually isolated prison walls, that are our skulls - so they can finally move out into the world that is surely as phenomenally 'spiritual' as we know the spirit worlds in our brain are.

Once this spiritual veil is rent, once all the dead are finally resurrected, never again will there ever be any significant isolation, for anyone, forever more. Once perfect justice is achieved for all, then will the final trumpet sound, and then will we all be freed from hell, due to any sins or debts, and have accomplished all of our chores. It will then be play time, or time to get started enabling the entire universe to, as Raymond Kurzeil says 'spiritually wake up'.

We of course, don't yet know if all of that will be possible. That is why faith is still required. But we are committed to eternally push in that direction, whether in this life or the next, and will never give up till we are all together and everyone is finally free and able to get any and everything anyone could possibly truly want.

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