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Camp Statement History

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Oops, there is already a survey topic for this.

So recycle this mistakenly created topic.

Current Favorite Songs

The purpose of this topic is to survey for everyone's current favorite songs.

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Current Favorite Songs

The purpose of this topic is to survey for everyone's current favorite songs.

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TV07 Volunteer Information

Basic Information

Volunteer schedule information for the TV07 conference is being managed here.

Ben Hyink and Kristi Scott worked out a useful schedule layout in Microsoft Excel format. The latest version of this schedule file is being maintained here:


Required Briefings

Volunteers are asked to be present on the TV07 staff for the entire conference and to keep their schedules free for briefings on the preceding Sunday and the Monday of TV07.

TV07 volunteers are free to work at the IEET seminar. However, they should be available on Monday evening after 5pm when TV07 registration begins.

I am waiting for a reply as the briefing time on Sunday so that I can schedule the first annual TransVision TSN Meeting that same day without a schedule conflict.

Schedule Requests

In order to make a schedule request, please download the spreadsheet above and add an additional column with your name indicating your preferences in that column. Then return this modified version of the file to brent.allsop@canonizer.com who will integrate this new information into the master copy.

Please follow the current format being used generally described here:

  • Colors:
    • Blue = Volunteer makes a point of saying happy to work that time
    • Pink = Volunteer says that would be a fine time to take a break to see event... but doesn't care a lot or happy to switch it with another pink time
    • Brown = Volunteer would really like to see a speech but happy to doit while working
    • Red = Volunteer would really like to see a speech or have the time off
    • (Blank = unstated or completely flexible; I will fill in these sections in any way convenient to me)
    • (Grey = only used in cases where someone absolutely cannot be present due to a prior commitment; use of this category is discouraged, and anything more than several hours off may be deemed unacceptable by the Conference Coordinator)
  • Labels:
I also added (N)_, (N/Y)_, _(Y/N), and _(Y) and underlines as personal notes to express the degrees of strength of people's preference. This is largely overlaps the color code, but not precisely, which allows for a limited amount of nuance.
    • N = Not available (at least requested) [underlined if extremely
important to person]
    • N/Y = Pref. not available but o.k. if work needs to be done
    • Y/N = Could work but it would also be a good time for a break
    • Y = Would be happy to work during this time
(e.g. "I really want to see Kurzweil" for (N) or "I could take a break Wed or Tues" for (Y/N)

  • Color ' Label Pairings:
Without this pairing the colors and labels may be paired in ways that seem to contradict each other and cause confusion. Please use the following combinatorial options.

Blue is always (Y) and translates into the message: this is time I would actually like to work because nothing is going on of interest to me or I'm not really keen on this event and I know that this portion will be popular so I want to miss it in order to ensure we have enough volunteers available without depriving one of the people who really wants to attend the talk from seeing it (technically that would be Y/N but it doesn't matter to me in scheduling tasks)."

Pink is (Y/N) or (Y). In the first case (Y/N), it means this would be a nice time for a break and I'm almost tempted enough to ask for it. The second case (Y), would mean this break time would be o.k. but it's not like I'm especially keen to get it.

Brown is reserved for (N) or (N/Y) too but basically say [1] "I'm o.k. with working but I would almost demand to work within the auditorium or [2] "I would be reluctant to do outside work but am o.k. with it if you really need me."

I only identify Red with (N) or (N/Y), the second of which basically means, "No, but I'm o.k. with skipping it if you really need me" (understanding that, technically, volunteers are always 'on call' no matter how strongly they want to see a speaker).

Blank and Grey are self-explanatory, though I label Grey as 'AWL' or 'Absent with Leave.'

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Submitted On : 16 June 2007, 07:30:10 PM
Submitter Nickname : Brent_Allsop
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