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Statement : Wouldn't it be great if you knew the top 10 movies of transhumanists (or whatever you consider yourself to be)? Wouldn't it be great if you knew the top10 movies of people in England? How about Transhumanists in England? Wouldn't it be great if you knew the top 10 movies of Natasha Vita-More? Wouldn't it be great if you could easily communicate to everyone what your current favorite movies were and why? Wouldn't it be great to have "Canonized" POV camps of reasons for why diverse people like them (rather than having to read the POV of one movie critic or thousands of low quality repetitive testimonials that get lost in e-mail discussion group logs...?) so if your POV was already adequately represented you could just join the camp about that movie?...
The Canonizer's personal attribute system isn't finished yet, but it will be here soon (we can always use some help for equity). Once that is completed all the above will be possible. But you can still Wiki your POV in the Canonizer and today at least Canonize it according to Blind Popularity.

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