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There is No good evidence that God exists! This statement is self-explanatory and, for those who have eyes to see the simple reality, fairly self-evident.

To put it round the other way, those who claim that the word "God" refers to "The One Who ... " created the universe, answers their prayers, punishes evil doers, rewards the righteous, and so forth cannot provide anything other than the fervour of their own belief to justify their assertions about Him/Her/It. They tacitly rely on the unproven assumption that unquestioning belief - so called "faith" - is intrinsically good whereas recorded history up to the present day shows that unquestioned belief serves merely to inhibit individuals who might otherwise challenge the status quo. It is reasonable to assert that whatever comfort has accrued to those who assuaged their anxiety with the mantras of "faith", is quite probably negated in the balance by the otherwise avoidable suffering that has accrued through the perpetuation of ignorance.

The advent of scientific method in human culture has transformed our species so that now ALL traditional beliefs and practices are subject to scrutiny, in fact ALL beliefs of any sort whatever. There are glaringly obvious benefits to humankind arising from application of the fruits of scientific method, for example engineers implementing physical and chemical concepts, doctors and public health authorities implementing concepts based on germ theory, understanding of cells, biochemistry, and now DNA and gene manipulation. We therefore now require that "believers", who assert unproven, usually undemonstrable, and probably completely unprovable propositions concocted in the pre-scientific universe, should provide clear and unambiguous empirical evidence which supports their beliefs. If they cannot then they should stop extolling the virtues of "faithfull" ignorance and start allowing the children of Earth to learn the things which will allow them to make truly informed decisions.
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Submitted On : 24 September 2008, 03:16:42 PM
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