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The top threat to humanity is fear, especially fear of change or fear of the future.

For millions of years, we've all been bread to be fear mongers. This is because people that can better co-operate in larger groups can always out compete others. To date, the most fit organization has always been the hierarchical one lead by a leader that is most capable of making its members most fear all outside organizations in very motivational ways. In pre history, smaller less well organized groups never survived when faced with any larger, better organized group. Leaders, or anyone that is more able to capitalized on and pander to our in bread tendency to fear anything, are the ones that can most quickly rise to the top, and are better able to organize us than any other, in today's society. The fact that negative attack ads are so successful in today's politics, are evidence for and a direct result of this. He who is most effective at fear promoting attack ads is still most likely to quickly rise to the top of the hierarchy.

This in bread fear and naïve stupidity about change and the future is why the general population is so fearful of ideas like cryonic preservation. Most people find and focus on fears about anything that will mess up the current hierarchical thinking and the current status quo. An example being, people never get beyond the fear that if we overcome death, there will not be enough room on the earth for more children. The majority of today's most popular science fiction is filled with these kinds of fear promoting absurdities. Everyone seems completely oblivious to what should be blatantly obvious: that immortals will be amongst the first to leave our cradle, on earth, and head to the stars in the heavens.

The fastest growing religions, of today, tend to have members susceptible to fear mongering, and leaders clearly capable of pandering to and promoting such fears within their followers. A classic example is the fear most Mormons have of some soon to happen calamity, and their extreme effort to quickly stash a "year supply" before it is too late. Every generation of Mormon youth tends to believe they will be the last one before this calamity. Of course this dramatically changing their behaviors, what their economies tend to be based on, and so on. They tend more towards promoting traditional industries, or if they do venture into anything new, it tends to be companies that provide supplies for a 'year supply', guns to defend such, and so on. Either that or some multi level marketing start up. Or these kind of yes people are not entrepreneurs at all; as they're too busy building bomb shelters and hording their year supplies, fearfully trying to imagine ways to protect it with their guns, and so on. Faithless (for everything but their profit) fearful people tend to be the ones that sold during, or at the bottom, of a down tern, ignoring the fact that all down turns, through all history, always, always, return. The deeper the downturn is, the more dramatic the recovery, and significant the boom time ahead is. Everything, according to Kurzweil's laws of accelerating returns, eventually returns to that trusted exponential curve that is just getting started to get interesting. Religious leaders seem to have a motivation to keep people from studying the real numbers that show such fact, so they keep them busy going to Sunday school and building year supplies, to continue to maintain their power.

If you look at the people that are the most successful entrepreneurs, pushing the world ahead the fastest, they are all fearless people that look to the future, optimistically, if they are not outright transhumanists. There are so many people like Elon Musk, the founder of Paypal, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and the list goes on and on. Are there any successful, world changing entrepreneurs that are not optimists about the future, and what is possible, compared to the general population?

We already have the technology and ability, to enable most people, to be preserved after death, at least in a state where future immortals will be able to resurrect them much sooner. Every day, millions of people around the world are being condemned to what could be an eternal hell rotting in the grave, or worse, by their society's fear of the future or fear of working to better preserve their loved ones. At least Mormons are pro genealogy and history, and preserving that much of their lives and legacy.

We are in the camp that believes there will be immortal people before the end of this century and that some people alive today will make it to this time. We believe in Kurzwei's claim that "The Singularity is Near"; though we prefer the much more traditional, popular, and meaningful terminology: "The Millennium is near" – that is, without all the faithless, fear mongering, religious apocalyptic stuff that the fear mongers claim will precede it.

We are in the so far expert consensus camp that does not fear AI or any intelligence advanced beyond our own animalistic, still fear mongering ways. We repudiate clueless fear mongering articles, such as the one mentioned in the Wired article. At least that article got beyond the primitively absurd and clueless idea that AI's would fight humanity in some kind of Armageddon like war. In that article, Armstrong is quoted as saying that any super intelligent AI "may quickly learn to tell the human testers what they want and then manipulate them". All we can say is duuu.

Muehlhauser, the director of the Singularity Institute, an organization that wastes a significant amount of time pandering and fear mongering about "Unfriendly AI" is quoted as saying: "Once a super intelligent AI wants something different than we want, we've already lost." So he and others in that organization cluelessly go on and on about the importance of "Friendly AI". We think that If they'd just take a moment, to overcome the primitive tribal inbreed belief bread into them that resources will eternally be limited, and stop thinking primitively as if our enemy gets it, we won't, he'd see that the obviously necessary goal of all intelligences, is to get all anyone and everyone could truly want, including any AIs. (note: The ultimate goal of Canonizer.com is to first find out what everyone wants – then getting it will be easy.) He'd be able to recognize that such is the bases of all simple morality. And that any half way morally intelligent human being will eventfully discover such, if it is not taught such by its creators, let alone a "supper intelligent AI" whoever happens to create it.

In summary, every hour, and every dollar, spent on fear, instead of the future, is guaranteed to condemn a significant number of people to a potential eternity of rotting in the grave, or worse, since they, too, will not make it, due to any such delays. It is an absolute fact that billions of people, that could or would have been better preserved, are already needlessly rotting in this potentially eternal hell. No matter what other risk you take, and multiply it by the odds, we believe there is no way any other danger we face could be significant compared to fear, itself. So we do make a few mistakes on our way, or there happens to be another 'great slowdown' (we no longer have 'great depressions', and this could be the last so called 'great recession'), so another twin towers is destroyed, and we might get struck by lightning. We're getting better and faster at recovering from all that. And once we can back ourselves, up, and expend beyond this cradle, that is the earth – no more existential problems for anyone. Anything that delays that even an hour, is the greatest guaranteed tragedy – possible.

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