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Statement : What is Transhumanism?
Some questions to consider (many more are needed):
1. What are are the points of view concerning Transhumanism? 2. What makes a Transhumanist truly unique? 3. Where does the idea come from? 4. Is it a healthy idea? 5. When could it become a dangerous idea? 6. Are their ideas dangerous? 7. What are their shared values? 8. How can Transhumanists be identified? 9. How is a Transhuman different than a Transhumanist? 10. Are there drawbacks to being either?

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Statement : Consider the definitions of disease, disorder, and disability. Ask yourself what attracted you to Transhumanism? Why do you feel that your body should be something other than what it is?
Have you heard of Body Identity Integration Disorder (BIID)? It has also been deemed "transabled". There are many variations of BIID: the desire to be paralyzed, to have an eye missing, to be deaf, or to be missing a limb.
There are many unusual disorders out there. Transhumanism may just be one of the more common ones.
If you're a Transhumanist, are you willing to accept, or even consider, that you have a disorder?
Think about it.
What are our common symptoms? What are some of the ways we could get the treatments that we need to feel enabled as a rare and misunderstood minority?
It is not your fault that you have this disorder. In time, once you have become what you know you really are, the rest of the world may begin to realize how diseased they too have become.
Please, contribute your thoughts.
I'm looking for a common bond. I'm looking for hope. I'm looking for a cure.

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Submitter Nick Name : Dayzen
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