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Statement : Open Government Initiative
The Open Government Initiative started out with a temporary name: ExpertNet. The purpose for this topic is to survey for which names have the most consensus and make this information visible to everyone. The suggest a name wiki page for the project is here.
Please create a camp for each proposed name, and the statements can be more information about it, or a concise statement about why everyone in the camp likes it...
People can vote for (join) more than one camp.
If the final decision is going to made by some managers, or something, only taking this popular vote as advisement, we can create a canonizer algorithm to represent this process for all to see. For example. If Barrack Obama might get 10,000 votes, Aneesh Chopra and Shelley Metzenbaum: 1000, anyone that contributes: 100, any US citizen 10, and anyone else 1. Such could easily be implemented if such information was provided so everyone can have real time visibility into how each name stands.

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Statement : The Mormon Transhumanist Organization currently has monthly online board meetings.
This is where everyone's opinion can be expressed on the issue of whether the MTA should have prayers at these monthly online meetings.

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