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Grey replied 12 years ago (Sep 20th 2011, 5:43:24 pm)
I'd love to, except for a couple of things. 1. Half the time I can't even log onto the system 2. I haven't published too much about them lately. You can access me directly via e-mail @ grysmith@telus.net or I am currently active on www.researchgate.net My main thesis in this group, is that consciousness is a specialized control system that creates the illusion of a "Self" mostly by linking the "Self" feeling, which is associated with attribution, to the actions of the individual as experienced during review of an activity log, implying attribution, and at the same time, creating the "illusion of consciousness". That this "Illusion of Consciousness" is experienced as a phenomena, blocks the acceptance of the Neurological search for brain function, because it is the subjective experience (The illusion) that the illusion is more real than the scientific explanation. In fact, in order to meet the feedback requirements, I postulate the need for two action logs, the raw log of experience called the "Awareness Log" and the cooked log, where "Feelings" including the "Self" feeling, parameterize our experience, giving us a final 9th step in processing as we respond to the "Comfort Requirements" of our own self-model. Since our Comfort is directly related to the limits we have developed mostly during early childhood, the self-model is an important sophistication to the libido, that is often directly responsible for the parameters of our personality, and any illness associated with it.
unminded replied 12 years ago (Sep 19th 2011, 4:18:19 pm)
I've already read 2 of Daniel Dennett's books but he remains too general about the statement supported in this camp. Can someone link me to some resource which goes deeper into the theory that what we call mind or thoughts as they looks are only illusory? Thanks