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TimXCampbell replied 11 years ago (Nov 26th 2012, 7:16:39 pm)
Vemuri Ramesam, thank you! It is with immense gratitude that I thank you for sharing with me the file "Transcript for PPt at the Blog Sep 2012.doc" and the associated Powerpoint slides. The more I read and hear of what you say, the more my heart leaps with joy, because after years of searching I've finally found someone who speaks about such matters with clarity. Far too many people on the net have a vested interest in proving to themselves that their realization is the correct one. Those few who do not have that vested interest are incapable of expressing themselves in ordinary language using non-esoteric concepts. Back in 2006, when I was 49 years old, I took my first genuinely serious step in my ongoing quest for the truth. At that time I vowed I would not simply look for a way out of suffering. I figured that even if I did find the truth it would only highlight my initial selfishness if I could not also show people how I got there, in a way that any honest person could replicate. I called this vow "The Trail of Breadcrumbs." In western literature there's a famous tale of a child who ventured into a dark forest and left a trail of breadcrumbs so he could find his way back. This also meant that people could follow the trail and join him. This approach was the only way I could seek after enlightenment. Any other approach seemed like the self seeking to rescue only the self. What was the point of that, since this body was going to die eventually? This is why I supported your camp here on Canonizer. You are the first person I've encountered who seems like they could understand what I called The Trail of Breadcrumbs. It appears that my initial hunch was correct. As I looked at Slide # 57 in your PowerPoint presentation I saw these words: "Truth has to be Simple, Universal. Not private, Mystical, Secretive, Inaccessible" Yes! Yes! Exactly so! That's what I've been saying all these years! And all the while, many purportedly enlightened people have responded, "Oh, that's just your mind playing tricks on you. You're trying to understand that which cannot be understood." My mind does play many tricks on me, but in perhaps in this case they were wrong. I realize that there must be a leap away from understanding, but understanding CAN be used to dissolve the fictions that drag us away from that leap. I was astonished when I saw that your Slide # 57 also included this: "Probability of Success <3 in 10^6 - S. Sobottka (2008) Can science help increase the probability?" I knew the chances were low, but I never put a number on it. All I knew is that we humans now have the ability to destroy ourselves and most other life. Several gurus told me I shouldn't worry about that. I walked away from them. Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps you're wrong. But if that's so, perhaps we're wrong in the same way. I have no desire to rescue myself from delusion only to leave everybody else behind. I simply can't put my mind in a state that would accept that. If I had any doubts before about supporting your camp here on Canonizer, they're now hugely diminished.