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A Breath of Fresh Air
Thread Created at Nov 24th 2012, 11:05:34 pm | Started by TimXCampbell
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TimXCampbell replied 11 years ago (Nov 26th 2012, 12:55:40 am)
Thank you for those links, which I have bookmarked. At the moment I am going through the 11-part video you have on YouTube. I find your explanations amazingly clear. I sometimes find myself thinking, "Yes, but what about..." and then you fill in the blank. For example, I enjoyed the distinction you made about the "horn of the hare." If you hadn't taken the extra moment to clarify that then the overall explanation would have seemed to have a hole in it. (For people who would also like to watch, the first video can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czHb1oqT_7k ) P.S. As you may already know, the microphone in those videos tended to cut out when you leaned forward. Fortunately the audio outages in the video are brief and they didn't affect my comprehension much (except, of course, when my comprehension was sullied by the thought, "Darn that microphone!").
desidimona replied 11 years ago (Nov 25th 2012, 3:22:25 pm)
Thanks again. The Interview at the Non-duality Magazine was not by Paula. She was with the Advaita Academy, UK at the time of the Interivew. The link is: http://advaita-academy.org/interviews/Dr-Ramesam-Vemuri.ashx 2. It is quite interesting that you mention about liberation through scientific inquiry. In this context, you may like to take a look at: "Neuronal Correlates of a Jivanmukta's Mind -- Identification of 'Markers' in the Brain" at: http://www.nondualitymagazine.org/nonduality_magazine.4.jivanmuktarevised_27_apr_2011.htm I shall mail to you separately a copy of the PowerPointPresentation and Transcript in MSWord on "Inquiry in Science and Vedanta." Liberation will end the 'sufferer' but not 'suffering' per se, as I pointed out in the PPt. regards
TimXCampbell replied 11 years ago (Nov 25th 2012, 9:10:35 am)
I don't know who "Paula" is. Perhaps that was the interviewer from Nonduality Magazine. If there are questions based on physics, that's great, and I'd appreciate it if you could post the link here. I support this particular camp because I'm impressed by the observations of people of olden times like The Buddha and the more recent sages such as Adyashanti. Yet it occurs to me that many of these people speak largely in ancient terms. My personal grasp of liberation has been bolstered by the discoveries of the scientific mindset. In particular, I'm moved by the theory of evolution, which (for obvious reasons) was not available to The Buddha. The same goes for memetics, quantum mechanics, relativity, cosmology, game theory, hard data (such as we get from fMRI's) and so on. I'm not saying such data is indispensable for liberation. It obviously is NOT indispensable, since many people have become liberated without it. However, my "quest" for the past 7 years has been to discover if there's a way that liberation can be made attainable to a reasonably well-informed person whose main tool is deep honesty, starting with the statement that (it seems to me) is at the heart of the best kinds of scientific inquiry: "I might be wrong!" I have noticed that it's possible to get too deep into this point of view, attempting to concoct explanations for that which is not explainable from the vantage point of ape descendants with puny brains. Nonetheless, if the honesty of scientific inquiry, along with the models it produces, can open a door, that would really be something! I don't know if this is something I should be doing, but I am very much aware that the average seeker is running at top speed to GET AWAY from suffering. If there's any chance that the path away from delusion can be mapped out (or at least illuminated a bit) by science then I'm keen to work to that end, even if doing so prolongs my suffering. (I'm not entirely happy with the phrasing of what I wrote above, but I hope you get the gist of what I'm saying.)
desidimona replied 11 years ago (Nov 25th 2012, 1:43:59 am)
Dear Timothy, Welcome. Thank you for the kind words and support for the Camp. regards, ramesam P.S. Paula did an Interview with all her questions based only on Physics. The link is available at the Blog. Maybe you had already taken a look.
TimXCampbell replied 11 years ago (Nov 24th 2012, 11:05:34 pm)
This is my first day on Canonizer. Several people encouraged me to join so I could throw my support behind their models. While I acknowledged the descriptive power of their models they always seemed to have blind spots. And the promoters seemed quite adept at not noticing those blind spots. I found it quite easy to relate to the straight-forward statement of the "Advaita and Consciousness" camp. Even so, I've had decades of barking up the wrong tree. So I visited the blog of Ramesam Vemuri — the person who initially set up this camp. This led me to an interview with that person in Nonduality Magazine. I was ... flabbergasted. Although RV's terminology was different from that which I generally use, everything was explained in accessible terms. And to my astonishment, the explanations seemed to reflect my realizations and experiences. Despite the differences in terminology, the correspondence was jaw-dropping. I am leery of jumping on any bandwagon, having been disappointed in so many cases to find that the driver of the bandwagon was (in my estimation) ignoring inadequacies in their models. But I didn't get that impression from what I read from RV. This happens so rarely that I was (so to speak) glued to my monitor for quite a while. If the past is any guide, I'll eventually abandon this camp. Still, when it comes to this kind of topic, sometimes my cynicism is not justified. Perhaps this is one of those times. So I've put my tentative (and dare I say it, hopeful) support behind the "Advaita and Consciousness" camp.