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Brent_Allsop replied 9 months ago (Dec 21st 2022, 10:18:53 pm)

Hello Theoreticians,

Steven Leharand I have been working to better capture his current understanding of consciousness.  HisPanexperientialismcamp is currently underSubstance Dualism.  But he feels it belongs underMonism.  Currently, Steve, myself, and possibly other monism supporters have a few differences in our beliefs, which aren’t yet adequately represented in the current set of Monism sub camps.  In particular Steve believes everything, including colorness qualities are waves, while I think colorness qualities are in the physical media of the waves.

So we are basically going to add a 3rd camp to the current competingQualia Arize From Function, andQualia are physical qualitiescalled “Qualia are Waves”.  We feel the entire “Panexperientialism” branch (all sub camps as is) should move to this new “qualia are waves” branch.  This will result in the “Qualia are Waves” camp along with all 8 supporters will move, putting qualia are waves ahead of the other camps with about 7 supporters each.  In other words, we need to make sure that the current 8 supporters of Panexperientialism, and all of its sub camps are OK with moving this branch from “Property Dualism” to the “Qualia are Waves” branch under “Monism”.  It’d be great if you all would reply to this thread, indicating if you do or do not support this move.

About 10 years ago, “Functional Property Dualism” was by far the leading consensus camp at that level.  Then James Carol, once a supporter of Property Dualism  led a revolt against it forming a competing branch to property dualism.  This eventually became the Monism branch.  Eventually I and others also jumped camps from the Property Dualism branch to Monism.  Now, moving the entire Panexperientialism branch from Property Dualism to Monism will be another significant move to Monism, making it now, by far, the leading consensus theory at this level.  It is very exciting to watch these kinds of horse race like changes of progress.  We are working on designing a new animated history of topic structures so people can play back this kind of structural progress over time, kind of like an instant replay of an exciting horse race, where people can pause to examine the “as of'' state at any point in time.

The exact details of this change, and drafts of new versions of the camp statements are specified in thisPanexperientialism Branch Movegoogle doc.  Any help with improving this draft description of this change would be greatly appreciated.  We plan on implementing these changes over the next week.