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Brent_Allsop replied 14 years ago (Jan 3rd 2010, 7:11:05 pm)
Consciousness Theorists, I've been working on digesting the published results of the [http://philpapers.org/surveys/ PhilPapers survey]. I was disappointed that there was only a few questions on consciousness. The one question of most interest to me was: 21: Perceptual experience: disjunctivism, qualia theory, representationalism, or sense-datum theory? Though I know a little about each of these possible 'camps', I've been researching each of them in much more detail in my attempt to figure out just how I would answer this questions myself. I would really like to have concise definitions of what each of the members of these camps believe, so towards this end I've started a new topic to canonizer this question: http://canonizer.com/topic.asp/106 I've started seeding the statements by adding a few notes about what each of these camps means. I'm certainly not an expert at any of this and was hoping some of you could help out with some of this? What do each of these camps represent? And for the most important questions, which camp are we all in? Particularly, where do you think the members of the [http://canonizer.com/topic.asp/88/6 Consciousness is Representational Real] camp belong? And just an operational note. Last week Qwest internet service failed, so we had to switch canonizer.com over to the backup Comcast system. During this brief time some e-mails that were posted to the system failed to get sent out. In particular, I posted a continuation of the thread on [http://canonizer.com/thread.asp/88/1/12/9#9 Top, metaphysical, level reorganization of structure]. I made an explicit proposal for how to reorganize based on the discussion so far so I hope everyone will review this and let me know if they would object to the changes being proposed. Upward, Brent Allsop