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Brent_Allsop replied 15 years ago (Jan 6th 2009, 9:17:04 am)
Robin, I see you objected to my rewrite of the agreement statement for this topic. Your objection comment was: > "This is more about the canonizer than about consciousness." I'd like to attempt a rewrite that was more agreeable, so wanted to know if you object to everything, or if I could keep at least some of it. Most people still don't have any idea what canonizer.com is, and I'm referring people to URLs like this all the time to introduce people to it for the first time. My thinking is that while canonizer.com is still new, it is warranted to include general information about how the canonizer works in such statements. Once people become more aware of what and why it is, then such can be removed, but until then? Also, in case you haven't heard, I'm going to be attending the Decades of the Mind conference (http://dom-4.org/) next week and promoting this system there. So I will obviously be giving people links to just this URL and stuff. Also, I was hoping to get as much of the 'Hard Problem' topic migrated over to this more general topic before then. I was wondering if you intended on moving your camp structure over some time, perhaps before next week? Thanks Brent