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Great start to a great camp.
Thread Created at Mar 14th 2010, 1:51:53 am | Started by Brent_Allsop
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Brent_Allsop replied 14 years ago (Mar 14th 2010, 1:51:53 am)
Hi Jordan, Thanks for starting this camp, and the great info you provided. I fixed a few things. I linked it up to your nick name ID (143) so the Mind Expert algorithm will recognize you, and I joined this camp. I have one person delegating their support to me, so his vote follows mine. Also, just FYI, the [http://canonizer.com/topic.asp/53/11 gives much more wight to your vote if you vote for more than just yourself. In other words, if you also join the camps of a few other people on this topic, your mind expert score will go up. You can rank yourself as the top expert, just also vote for at least a few others, in the order you think of their expertise. Upward, Brent Allsop